Postoperative Outcomes in Surgical COVID-19 Patients

A Multicenter Cohort Study

François Martin Carrier; Éva Amzallag; Vincent Lecluyse; Geneviève Côté; Étienne J. Couture; Frédérick D'Aragon; Stanislas Kandelman; Alexis F. Turgeon; Alain Deschamps; Roy Nitulescu; Codjo Djignefa Djade; Martin Girard; Pierre Beaulieu; Philippe Richebé


BMC Anesthesiol. 2021;21(15) 

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Our findings from this multicenter Canadian cohort study suggest that COVID-19 patients undergoing a surgery have a relatively high postoperative mortality. Our results also suggest that the pandemic had important effects on the overall conduct of surgical care despite limited utilization of surgical resources by COVID-19 patients.