Nicotinamide: An Update and Review of Safety & Differences From Niacin

Reed Huber, BSc; Aaron Wong, MD, FRCPC


Skin Therapy Letter. 2020;25(5):7-11. 

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In summary, oral nicotinamide is an affordable over-the-counter supplement with demonstrated benefit in the treatment of a range of skin conditions, most notably AK and NMSC. Furthermore, it has a favorable safety profile with minimal if any adverse effects or potential drug interactions. The proven chemoprotective action of nicotinamide offers an opportunity for its use as an adjunctive treatment or on its own for patients at risk of NMSC, however, due to confusion around its naming and availability, its adoption into practice has been met with some resistance. Thus, we hope that this article is able to shed some light on the differences between nicotinamide and its precursor niacin and offer practical information around recommending nicotinamide to patients, including where to purchase it.