Radiology Gets a Smaller Slice of the MPFS Pie

Gregory N Nicola, MD, FACR; Lauren P Golding, MD


Appl Radiol. 2021;50(1):28-30. 

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Further Expansion

In the 2021 MPFS proposed rule, CMS unilaterally chose to increase the RVUs for services it deems similar to outpatient E&M.[14] These services included: End-Stage Renal Disease Monthly Capitation Payment Services, Transitional Care Management Services, Maternity Services, Cognitive Impairment Assessment and Care Planning, Initial Preventive Physical Examination and Initial and Subsequent Annual Wellness Visits, Emergency Department Visits, Therapy Evaluations, Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations, and Psychotherapy Services. Once again, the CF would be impacted, and radiologists would not be able to make up the difference, as they do not bill for the escalating value services. CMS re-estimated a payment reduction of 11% for radiology.