Mimics of Vasculitis

Ernest Maningding; Tanaz A. Kermani


Rheumatology. 2021;60(1):34-47. 

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Calciphylaxis, or calcific uraemic arteriolopathy, is an obstructive vasculopathy thought to be caused by the presence of calcium and thrombi in small vessels, resulting in extremely painful lesions.[95] The cutaneous manifestations of violaceous subcutaneous plaques, cutaneous nodules, livedo reticularis and/or purpura, which often rapidly progress to ulcerations with black eschars, can mimic medium and small vessel vasculitis.[95–97] Common risk factors include a history of end-stage renal disease; increased calcium, phosphorus and PTH levels and warfarin use.[95,97] Biopsy is not routinely recommended due to the possibility of poor subsequent wound healing but may be helpful for unclear cases, particularly in patients without end-stage renal disease.[95]