Autophagy in Hematological Malignancies: Molecular Aspects in Leukemia and Lymphoma

Hassan Boustani, MSc; Elahe Khodadi, MSc; Minoo Shahidi, PhD


Lab Med. 2021;52(1):16-23. 

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Although the role of autophagy in stem-cell transformation and hematological malignant neoplasms has been investigated in many studies, its role in treatment strategies for these disorders is controversial. Also, autophagy modulation has been reported[59] to play a role in outcomes for hematopoietic malignant neoplasms. Understanding the exact molecular mechanism of autophagy in normal and malignant hematopoiesis can help to provide better treatment strategies for patients. Further, each autophagy pathway in every lineage has a specific characteristic, so targeting theses pathways can result in specific strategies for each type of malignant neoplasms. However, further studies are needed to answer remaining questions in this field.