Management of Ventricular Electrical Storm: A Contemporary Appraisal

Gurukripa N. Kowlgi; Yong-Mei Cha


Europace. 2020;22(12):1768-1780. 

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Ventricular electrical storm is a cardiac emergency that requires swift intervention. It is associated with poor short and long-term outcomes. An astute clinician must be aware of rapid troubleshooting on initial assessment, be familiar with the multitude pharmacotherapeutic options, and refer for CA when warranted. A multipronged approach is frequently needed for device interrogation, advanced cardiac life support, cardiac intensive care for monitoring and drug administration, electrophysiological assistance for CA, and surgical backup for CSD if indicated. While we have come a long way over the last few decades, further research would be paramount to improve the outcomes of patients with VES.