New Robotic Surgical Systems in Urology: An Update

Theodore Cisu; Fabio Crocerossa; Umberto Carbonara; Francesco Porpiglia; Riccardo Autorino


Curr Opin Urol. 2021;31(1):37-42. 

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Self-proclaimed as 'The German Robot', Avatera has been in development since 2011 as a joint venture between Avateramedical (Jena, Germany) and Force Dimension (Nyon, Switzerland) ( Designed as a master--slave system similar to the da Vinci surgical system, Avatera is a open console using microscope-like technology with 3D-HD resolution, forceps-like handles, seven degrees of freedom, four robotic arms mounted on a single cart, and 5 mm instruments. Unique to Avatera is its single-use system intended to decrease cost.

After receiving CE certification in November 2019, Avatera acquired FORWARDttc in August 2020 to use their engineering expertise on mechatronic systems to develop robotics hardware and software ( They have developed a standardized training program to train surgeons on basic and advanced tasks including a VR simulator, wet lab experiences, and on-site training. Avateramedical states it has completed its first surgeries on donated human cadavers, but no preclinical studies have yet been published (