What Is the Role of Locoregional Anesthesia in Breast Surgery?

A Systematic Literature Review Focused on Pain Intensity, Opioid Consumption, Adverse Events, and Patient Satisfaction

Pasquale Sansone; Luca Gregorio Giaccari; Mario Faenza; Pasquale Di Costanzo; Sara Izzo; Caterina Aurilio; Francesco Coppolino; Maria Beatrice Passavanti; Vincenzo Pota; Maria Caterina Pace


BMC Anesthesiol. 2020;20(290) 

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In this systematic review we found evidence for an effect of locoregional anesthesia on the pain due to breast surgery as one the major predefined outcomes. The difference of NRS at 1 h between the groups was statistically significant among patients who underwent lumpectomy/mastectomy; no statically significant difference was reported at other intervals.

The postoperative opioids consumption, the incidence of PONV and other AEs, and the patient satisfaction were not different among patients who underwent locoregional anesthesia or conventional analgesia.