Persisting Muscle Dysfunction in Cushing's Syndrome Despite Biochemical Remission

Frederick Vogel; Leah T. Braun; German Rubinstein; Stephanie Zopp; Heike Künzel; Finn Strasding; Adriana Albani; Anna Riester; Ralf Schmidmaier; Martin Bidlingmaier; Marcus Quinkler; Timo Deutschbein; Felix Beuschlein; Martin Reincke


J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2020;105(12) 

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Muscle function of patients with CS in remission remained impaired in the long term. Influencing factors for myopathy outcome are age, WHR, and HbA1c, suggesting that a consistent and strict treatment of diabetic metabolic state during hypercortisolism is mandatory. Further studies are necessary to understand pathophysiology and to develop effective treatment options.