Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Pulmonary Toxicity: Focus on Nivolumab

Hazim Bukamur, MD; Heather Katz, DO; Mohamed Alsharedi, MD; Akram Alkrekshi, MD, PgDip, MRCP(UK); Yousef R. Shweihat, MD; Nancy J. Munn, MD


South Med J. 2020;113(11):600-605. 

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The recognition and management of pulmonary toxicity caused by immunotherapy is critical because cancer treatment paradigms have shifted and immunotherapy is more frequently used. Continued reports of pulmonary toxicity due to immunotherapy is essential to provide a comprehensive understanding of possible complications that providers need to be able to recognize and treat. Identifying toxicity quickly and treating patients appropriately will prevent morbidity and mortality in cancer patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors.