Number of Physically Inactive Adults With Arthritis in the United States

George A. Kelley, DA, FACSM; Kristi S. Kelley, MEd; Leigh F. Callahan, PhD


Prev Chronic Dis. 2020;17(9):e99 

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Abstract and Introduction


We estimated the number of physically inactive US adults with arthritis by state and nationally who could improve their physical function and pain control by participating in an exercise program. Our calculations were based on number-needed-to-treat, arthritis prevalence, physical inactivity, and 2010 US Census data. Estimates were lowest in the District of Columbia (physical function, n = 4,412; pain, n = 2,451) and highest in Texas (physical function, n = 325,504; pain, n = 180,835). Overall estimates were 4,119,792 for physical function and 2,288,771 for pain control. State-level estimates are important for allocating resources, public health program planning, and future research.