Getting Ready for Certification: Hypogonadism and Male Sexual Health

Katherine E. Marchese, MSN, ANP-BC, CUNP; Mari Parker, MSN, FNP-C, CUNP; and Treva Thomasson, RN, CURN, BCB-PMD


Urol Nurs. 2020;40(4):205-206. 

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Associate-level Questions

7. The testosterone buccal system (Striant®) is used to treat male testosterone deficiency. Important teaching facts about this medication include:

   a. This medication is placed on the upper gum and must remain in the mouth for 2 hours each day to deliver the correct daily dose of 30 mg.

   b. The medication is buffered with an artificial sweetener and leaves a sweet taste in the patient's mouth.

   c. Gum or mouth irritation is seen in only 9% of the patients using this therapy.

   d. Warm drinks are to be avoided while the testosterone buccal system is in place.

8. The new term for hypogonadism as recommended by the International Society for Sexual Medicine is:

   a. Androgen deficiency.

   b. Testosterone deficiency.

   c. Andropause.

   d. Menopause.

9. Testosterone deficiency is associated with:

   a. Asian males.

   b. Hispanic males.

   c. African-American males.

   d. No racial or ethnic differences.