Getting Ready for Certification: Hypogonadism and Male Sexual Health

Katherine E. Marchese, MSN, ANP-BC, CUNP; Mari Parker, MSN, FNP-C, CUNP; and Treva Thomasson, RN, CURN, BCB-PMD


Urol Nurs. 2020;40(4):205-206. 

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Abstract and Introduction


Male sexual dysfunction and male infertility are, on average, 8% to 10% of the questions found on each certification examination. While this is a small component of the examination, it is an important topic for men of all ages. Men are often uncomfortable talking about this condition and may be reluctant to bring up the topic. As a specialized urologic health care worker, you can help facilitate this conversation and improve their overall quality of life. These questions are meant to guide you in the concepts of assessment, treatment, and evaluation of the treatment plan.