The Use of Radiofrequency in Aesthetic Surgery

Erez Dayan, MD; A. Jay Burns, MD; Rod J. Rohrich MD; Spero Theodorou, MD


Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2020;8(8):e2861 

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Fractional Radiofrequency

A nonablative approach of fractional RF is available, which uses either needles (Morpheus8; InMode, Lake Forest, Calif.) or electrodes to deliver thermal injury to the subdermis while leaving islands to tissue intact in between untreated.[46] As in fractional laser resurfacing, the unaffected areas serve to expedite recovery time. The fractional energy is delivered in a bipolar fashion with the tips of the needles carrying a positive charge and the faceplate of the disposable handpiece carrying a negative charge. The mechanical puncture of the needles also has been shown to improve skin texture and fine rhytids. Improvements in skin laxity and elastosis have been shown clinically with different fractional RF devices.[48,49] Combination treatments with bipolar RF and fractional RF for lower face and neck laxity by Dayan et al[39] demonstrated improvement in Baker Face Neck Classification improvement of 1.4 (SD, ±1.1) in 247 patients, with 93% satisfaction rate.