Where do Urologists Stand in the Era of Novel Coronavirus-2019 Disease

Thomas Hughes; Hui Ching Ho; Shahrokh F. Shariat; Bhaskar Kumar Somani


Curr Opin Urol. 2020;30(4):610-616. 

In This Article

Mental Health

Deterioration of mental health could be a major issue amongst all clinicians. During the unprecedented crisis, clinicians will be faced with more stress than ever before, personally and professionally. Workload may have significantly increased and some clinicians may be working in areas outside the remit of their expertise. The simple fear of spreading the virus to their closest and especially in those living with vulnerable members brings a large amount of psychological burden. Mental health support will be paramount to ensure the wellbeing of clinicians during and following the pandemic.[52]

Outpatient and Surgical Waiting Time

Waiting lists for outpatient appointments and surgical procedure has been an issue prior to the pandemic. With the additional cancellations and rescheduling, the backlog will be a major issue that will need addressing in due course.

As the surgical waiting time further lengthens, patients may present with more advanced disease leading to increasingly complex procedures. As procedures become complex, more senior, experienced surgeons will be required to perform these and training opportunities may be further impeded.

The use of 'telemedicine' could be more widely used in the outpatient settings following the pandemic, to help with efficiency and guide prioritization according to clinical need. The future following the pandemic remains uncertain but issues addressed above expresses the necessity of careful planning to minimize the negative implications.