Where do Urologists Stand in the Era of Novel Coronavirus-2019 Disease

Thomas Hughes; Hui Ching Ho; Shahrokh F. Shariat; Bhaskar Kumar Somani


Curr Opin Urol. 2020;30(4):610-616. 

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All trainees have been greatly impacted in the COVID-19 outbreak. In several countries, trainees are no longer rotating as per their scheduled training program with many being redeployed to areas of need like emergency department, medicine or ICU. The focus is service provision and training opportunities have subsequently suffered. Routine procedures are no longer being performed, prioritizing emergency or cancer surgeries. Only experienced surgeons will perform these procedures to ensure efficiency with minimal staffing. Exams and training courses essential for progression are being cancelled. This combined with the lack of training opportunities could be detrimental to trainee progression.[8,50] However, these might lead to development of online courses and journal clubs. It will also allow for more online training and simulation as an emerging field and a solution for urologists to address those and similar situations. Simulation training would allow a safe environment for trainees to acquire and enhance surgical skills.[51] Similarly, in future, e-learning and webinars will allow interaction to share, discuss and debate focused training and education.