Mitigation of Postsurgical Scars Using Lasers: A Review

Ofir Artzi, MD; Or Friedman, MD, MD; Firas Al-niaimi, MD; Yoram Wolf, MD; Joseph N. Mehrabi, MD


Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2020;8(4):e2746 

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Laser therapy is a safe and effective modality for scar mitigation. The data suggest that early intervention exhibits the best results. We recommended beginning treatment close to suture removal combining vascular and nonablative fractional resurfacing modalities for 2–4 treatments at 2- to 3-week intervals. It is imperative to monitor the wound healing process and document side effects such as erythema, discoloration, pain, and infection. Further research may help define standard treatment protocols which would benefit both evaluations of the results and clinical outcome.