Intraabdominal Lavage of Hypochlorous Acid

A New Paradigm for the Septic and Open Abdomen

Luis G Fernández, MD, KHS, KCOEG, FACS, FASAS, FCCP, FCCM, FICS; Marc R. Matthews, MD, FACS; Lawton Seal, MS, PhD


Wounds. 2020;32(4):107-114. 

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Materials and Methods

The authors routinely use TAC NPWTi-d for all patients with a septic OA. After a careful and thorough assessment of the known efficacy and safety of Vashe Wound Solution (Urgo Medical North America, Fort Worth, TX), this was selected as the preferred HOCl irrigant in this clinical setting.

The Maricopa Integrated Medical System's Institutional Review Board (Phoenix, AZ; now known as Valleywise Health) approved an expedited review of this case series.


The authors present 3 cases of patients with septic OAs that were managed with intraabdominal NPWTi-d utilizing a tubing set (V.A.C. VERAT.R.A.C. DUO Tube Set; KCI, San Antonio, TX) in conjunction with a TAC device (ABTHERA Open Abdomen Negative Pressure Therapy System; KCI). Wounds were instilled with the aforementioned HOCl solution.


The techniques described in this report are of off-label uses from the manufacturers' (KCI and Urgo) recommendations. The authors have developed a proposed TAC with NPWTi-d Protocol.