NHSX Targets 'Hopelessly Old Laptops' in New Tech Plan

Tim Locke

February 28, 2020

NHS users of "hopelessly old laptops and clunky hardware" in England have good news promised in a new Tech Plan from NHSX, the group "driving digital transformation" as part of the NHS long Term Plan.

Poor IT is a big issue for many of our readers, with a 42 minute login time recorded in a recent Medscape UK poll.

'Operating at the Top of Your Licence'

The plan's vision states: "The future of the NHS and social care depends on getting technology right."

In a "truly data-driven" future NHS, it says "every clinician is able to operate at the top of their licence, with the time they need to care for patients and people; and the system can constantly optimise the care it gives through data, analytics and research."

It acknowledges that, "For too many of our staff and our citizens, this vision feels impossibly distant. Fulfilling its promise will be a long and involved task."

"Decent hardware" and "adequate networks" are among the plan's ambitions.

Guidance would be given on "minimum or optimum level of technology revenue spend".


The plan is broken down into a series of 'missions', including reducing the burden on the workforce: "Outdated and inefficient technology results in large amounts of wasted time for health and care staff. We know that slow login times are one of the biggest technology frustrations for NHS staff, reducing their efficiency and taking their time away from direct patient care."

In the first year, improved login times and single sign-on systems are promised. Pagers are heading for recycling and will be replaced with "integrated communication and workflow management software".

The plan says clarity is needed "about who is responsible for paying for what" and that there's "sufficient spending on tech".

There'll be "open standards", but "The NHS is too big and unwieldy for unitary tech solutions to be the answer," it says.

The plan also involves better apps and digital access to the NHS for patients.

NHSX is asking for feedback on the plans before they are finalised.




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