Cerebral Hemorrhage and Alcohol Exposure: A Review

Jialing Peng; Hongxuan Wang; Xiaoming Rong; Lei He; L Xiangpen; Qingy Shen; Ying Peng


Alcohol Alcohol. 2020;55(1):20-27. 

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Overall, the association between chronic alcohol abuse and ICH is well established, while the impact of light-to-moderate alcohol consumption on ICH remains debated. Given the results of various studies, chronic heavy and binge ethanol consumption is likely linked to the occurrence and clinical worse outcome of ICH. Over half of ICH patients have a history of hypertension and, more remarkable, chronic alcohol abuse tends to induce a marked increase in blood pressure, which displays an important role in the incidence of alcohol-attributable HICH. Our review only covers some of the possible mechanisms underlying the link between chronic alcohol abuse and HICH, and further evidence should be sought.