Current Concepts in the Treatment of Lateral Condyle Fractures in Children

Joshua M. Abzug, MD; Karan Dua, MD; Scott H. Kozin, MD; Martin J. Herman, MD


J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2020;28(1):e9-e19. 

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Physical Examination

Ecchymosis at the lateral aspect of the elbow is often indicative of an unstable fracture that may have caused a tear in the brachioradialis aponeurosis. Localized tenderness to palpation is typically present at the fracture site with resistance to passive and active elbow range of motion (ROM). Purposeful palpation of the entire extremity is needed to rule out any concomitant injuries. A thorough neurovascular examination should be performed assessing for digital sensation, hand motor function, and peripheral pulses.