Skin Burns: Review of Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Approaches

Ahad Ferdowsi Khosroshahi, PhD; Jafar Soleimani Rad, PhD; Raziyeh Kheirjou, PhD student; Mohammad Reza Ranjkesh, MD; Leila Roshangar, PhD


Wounds. 2019;31(12):308-315. 

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There are different clinical challenges in the treatment of severe burns to balance healing, reducing risk of infection, and decreasing hospitalization time and treatment costs. The treatment options for burn wounds has significantly developed over the recent decades through preclinical and clinical research, including new grafts and dressings, inflammatory control, nutritional optimization, and unique drug interventions. It is critical that burn patients are treated as per their specific challenges and factors (eg, age, TBSA, and comorbidities). Research and increased knowledge on burn pathobiology, infection, stem cells, transplantation, and rehabilitation will cause improved individual care and new treatment options.