Fertility Preservation in Turner Syndrome

Karyotype Does Not Predict Ovarian Response to Stimulation

Julia Vergier; Pauline Bottin; Jacqueline Saias; Rachel Reynaud; Catherine Guillemain; Blandine Courbiere


Clin Endocrinol. 2019;91(5):646-651. 

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For TS young women with spontaneous menarche, early fertility counselling is advised as soon as possible and prior to time-related DOR. Ovarian reserve testing and feasibility of oocyte cryopreservation must be discussed during the transition from paediatric to adulthood. Blood karyotype does not seem to be the best marker to predict ovarian response to stimulation. Antral follicular count, AMH level and baseline FSH level seem to have a better prognostic significance, but larger cohort studies are needed in order to confirm these facts. Finally, no pregnancy in women with TS has been described using frozen-thawed oocytes; therefore, FP benefits and ideal age for deciding the best moment for a FP in still menstruated TS women with normal AMH are yet to be determined. Given the paucity of data, the creation of an international register of FP attempts assisted medical reproduction techniques and following outcome in TS women would be opportune.