Osteochondroma of the Distal Volar Thumb

John Chao, MD; Dieter Brummund, BA; Ramazi Datiashvilli, MD, PhD


ePlasty. 2019;19(ic17) 

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Case Description

A 48-year-old right-hand-dominant, otherwise healthy, woman presented with a right thumb volar boney mass. The mass had progressively enlarged over 18 years and significantly affected physical use of her thumb. On examination, she had a 2-cm firm boney mass on the volar distal thumb phalanx. She had static 2-point discrimination of less than 6 mm and good distal capillary refill. Radiographs revealed pedunculated, well corticoid, ossific density of the distal phalanx consistent with an osteochondroma. The mass was surgically removed.

Figure 1.

Preoperative photo showing volar thumb mass.

Figure 2.

Preoperative x-ray showing pedunculated mass off volar proximal aspect of distal phalanx.

Figure 3.

Intraoperative photo of well circumscribed bony mass.