Preimplantation Genetic Testing for More Than One Genetic Condition

Clinical and Ethical Considerations and Dilemmas

V. van der Schoot; W. Dondorp; J.C.F.M Dreesen; E. Coonen; A.D.C Paulussen; G. deWert; C.E.M. de Die-Smulders


Hum Reprod. 2019;34(6):1146-1154. 

In This Article

Materials and Methods

We retrospectively reviewed all PGT-M/SR applications concerning more than one genetic condition in the files of the Dutch national PGT centre at the Maastricht University Medical Centre since the start of PGT in the Netherlands (1995–2018). All data were collected prospectively. This review was limited to applications involving monogenic/mitochondrial or structural chromosomal abnormalities for which the applicants were known to be at risk, thus excluding PGT for 'de novo' aneuploidy (i.e. PGT-A) or HLA-typing. Data concerning applications and counselling, protocol development, IVF-treatment, results of PGT-analysis, and obstetric outcome were evaluated. Ethical challenges arising with cPGT-M/SR were explored against the background of PGT-M/SR regulations in several European countries, as well as of relevant ESHRE-guidance regarding both indications-setting and transfer-decisions.