Telehealth in Plastic Surgery

A Veterans Affairs Hospital Perspective

Stephanie Douglas, MD; Erik Geiger, MD; Andrew McGregor, MD; Amanda Norwich, MD; Deena Abbate, RN; Henry Hsia, MD; Deepak Narayan, MD


Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open. 2018;6(10):e1840 

In This Article


Our study shows that live interactive telemedicine consultation with a plastic surgeon in the VA health care system results in substantial patient satisfaction with the convenience of accessing medical care in remote communities. Future studies should examine a way to translate the great success the Veteran's Health Administration has with telehealth into the general population. Telemedicine can enhance the access of geographically isolated populations to both primary and specialty health care, provided issues related to security, law, and finance are continually addressed and optimized.