Case Report

An Analysis of Pediatric Scar Progression Over Time

Blaire Slavin Roberta Torres, MSN, RN, PNP-BC; Anne C. Fischer, MD, PhD, MBA


ePlasty. 2018;18(e18) 

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Significant scar growth from a standard RUQ pyloromyotomy incision was observed in the 2 patients who reached normal stature by adulthood, supporting the notion that scars resulting from surgical procedures in infancy grow more substantially with age than previously realized. This case series is small but has a perfect internal control of all being from the same family treated by the same surgeon, with those scars increasing in size until reaching adult stature. Although this case report did not assess the scar growth following an umbilical 5 mm port site from a laparoscopic incision, we believe that our results further support the public's preferential satisfaction with laparoscopy, given the dramatically smaller incisions at the time of surgery and the fact that scars can proportionally increase in size over time. It is critical to inform the patient's parents that the initial incision size will most likely not be the length of the final scar.