Meningiomas: Overview and New Directions in Therapy

Nancy Wang, MD; Matthias Osswald, MD


Semin Neurol. 2018;38(1):112-120. 

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Although meningiomas are the most common brain tumor, studies have only recently begun to elucidate potential genetic drivers and altered signaling pathways. When treatment is indicated, surgery and/or radiation are considered standard therapy for the vast majority of benign meningiomas. The optimum role and dose of radiation in grade II or III tumors remain to be determined. There also remains a significant need to better define the role of systemic therapies in recurrent and refractory tumors, an effort that will be guided by an evolving understanding of the mechanisms behind meningioma proliferation and progression. With the increasing number of prospective multicenter trials for meningioma, defining standardized end points and response criteria will also be important and are currently being addressed by the Response Assessment in Neuro-Oncology group. Advances in the understanding of the disease and trial design promise to expand the therapeutic options and improve outcomes for patients with this common tumor.