Treatment of Status Epilepticus

Katherine Lemming, PharmD


Pediatr Pharm. 2018;24(2) 

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Current Status Epilepticus Treatment Guidelines

Over the past two decades, a number of guidelines have been released to provide physicians with a consistent, rational approach for the treatment of status epilepticus. In 2016, the American Epilepsy Society released the evidence-based guideline, "Treatment of Conclusive Status Epilepticus in Children and Adults: Report of the Guideline Committee of the American Epilepsy Society." The goal of the guideline was to analyze efficacy, tolerability, and safety data for anticonvulsant treatment for children and adults with convulsive status epilepticus.[1] A literature search was performed for relevant articles published between January 1940 and September 2014. A total of 38 randomized controlled trials were identified and contributed to the development of an evidence-based treatment algorithm. An algorithm was developed from these studies to provide a framework for the evaluation and management of a patient with status epilepticus using four phases: stabilization, initial therapy, second therapy, and third therapy.