A Case Study in Video Urodynamics: A Unique Lesson Learned

Lynn Ng Yun Shu; Wang Fenfen; Ng Lay Guat, MBBS, FRCS, MMED, FAMS


Urol Nurs. 2018;38(1):36-41. 

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This unusual case highlights the importance of very close attention to any unusual detrusor contractions when the patient has a known cystocele or similar anomaly. There is always potential for displacement of a transducer line in VUDS with female patients who have cystoceles and/or uterovaginal prolapse. Clinicians should exercise care in this situation and recognize that unusual bladder contractions may signify inadvertent ureteral catheterization.

There is little to no literature review on the study of ureters' movement except for retrograde pyelogram for stent insertion. Additional studies could provide valuable information about the correlation between cystocele patients and the possibilities of catheter displacement into the ureter without cystoscopy guidance in VUDS.