Quiz: How to Work Effectively With Recruiters

March 01, 2018

Recruiters can be instrumental in helping a physician to find the right new job. However, it's wise to know how each type of recruiter earns money and whether that person's focus is to find the most appropriate job for you or to fill a position for the client. There are two general types of recruiters:

Physician search firms. These agents work in independent settings of all sizes—from tiny firms to publicly traded companies—and contract with different employers. They can help you find job openings by consulting a variety of lists, including their own.

In-house physician recruiters. These agents work for a particular employer. You would contact them when you've already targeted the employer and want more information about the job, the organization, and the community. Unlike search firms, in-house recruiters cannot find you jobs outside of their organization.

Both categories of recruiter are paid by the employer, not by you.

Take this short quiz and see how much you know about working effectively with recruiters. For more in-depth information on this topic, visit Medscape Physician Business Academy: Finding the Right Physician Job.


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