Unusual Presentations of Functional Parathyroid Cysts

A Case Series and Review of the Literature

Youssef El-Housseini; Martin Hübner; Ariane Boubaker; Jan Bruegger; Maurice Matter; Olivier Bonny


J Med Case Reports. 2017;11(333) 

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Cysts of the parathyroid gland are traditionally classified as either non-functional or as functional and may represent up to 5% of all cystic tumors of the anterior neck.[1] The majority of parathyroid cysts are non-functional, generally discovered during thyroid or cervical investigations, and are not associated with primary hyperparathyroidism.[2] By contrast, functional cysts induce symptoms and signs of primary hyperparathyroidism. Their fluid contains high concentrations of parathyroid hormone (PTH), which may induce parathyroid crisis in case of rupture. Here, we report three cases of patients with functional parathyroid cysts, with atypical presentation, and we propose a simple investigation and treatment algorithm.