Who Would Be Branded With Failure?

Lynne Warner Stevenson, MD


Circulation. 2017;136(15):1359-1361. 

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Who Will Rise to Challenge HF?

There are currently [almost equal to]1000 to 1500 physicians and a similar number of dedicated nurses certified in the care of HF in the United States. We need more robust recruitment to provide and advance new cures for the ≥6 million patients. Not only patients but also their providers need to embrace the term for this condition. Has a taxi driver ever turned somber after learning that you are attending a meeting about HF? How often do you as an HF specialist reassure friends and relatives that what you do is often neither sad nor depressing? "Heart failure" connotes defeat that may limit our ability to attract new professionals and patients. We should brand ourselves, our therapies, and our patients carefully to extend the remarkable progress rather than enshrine the history of heart failure.