Facial Assessment and Injection Guide for Botulinum Toxin and Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Focus on the Upper Face

Maurício de Maio, M.D.; Arthur Swift, M.D.; Massimo Signorini, M.D.; Steven Fagien, M.D.


Plast Reconstr Surg. 2017;140(2):265e-276e. 

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Upper Facial Aesthetics

In the female patient, the ideal forehead should have a gentle convex curve 12 to 14 degrees off of vertical, and the glabellar region should exhibit a smooth contour; both should have few facial lines, if any, and even skin tone and texture.[8] The temple should be flat or slightly convex, without any significant concavity, depression, or hollowing.[9] The aesthetically desirable female eyebrow should be over the supraorbital margin. The middle aspect (the "head") should be slightly lower than the lateral aspect (the "tail"). In the central aspect, the brow must peak in a vertical line along the lateral limbus of the iris. The male eyebrow lies at the supraorbital margin and is lower and flatter than in the female patient. The lateral end of the eyebrow should be equal to or slightly higher than the medial end, with an even volume distribution along the entire length of the eyebrow obscuring sharp bony edges. The upper eyelid should have fullness that follows the natural arc of the upper lid margin, and there should be no hooding.[10]