Outcomes of Treated Hypertension at Age 80 and Older

Cohort Analysis of 79,376 Individuals

João Delgado, PhD; Jane A. H. Masoli, MBChB; Kirsty Bowman, MPH; W. David Strain, MD; George A. Kuchel, MD; Kate Walters, PhD; Louise Lafortune, PhD; Carol Brayne, MD; David Melzer, PhD; Alessandro Ble, MD


J Am Geriatr Soc. 2017;65(5):995-1003. 

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In a complete population of individuals with hypertension in primary care aged 80 and older treated under guidance to achieve SBP less than 150 mmHg, greater mortality was found over 11.9 years of follow-up in those with SBP of less than 135 mmHg. More work is needed to establish whether unplanned SBP of less than 135 mmHg in older adults with hypertension may be a useful clinical sign of poorer prognosis requiring overall clinical review of care.