FDA-approved Nonbenzodiazepine Receptor Agonists for the Management of Insomnia

Jon P. Wietholter, PharmD, BCPS; Renier Coetzee, BPharm, MPharm, PharmD


US Pharmacist. 2017;42(1):29-32. 

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In summary, insomnia affects many patients worldwide. Nonpharmacologic treatment is considered first-line management of insomnia. Due to significant adverseeffect profiles, the BZDRAs may not be appropriate options for the management of insomnia in many patients. The non-BZDRAs doxepin, ramelteon, and suvorexant have scenarios where each may be the most appropriate selection and should currently be considered first-line pharmacotherapeutic options. Follow-up evaluation should take place within 3 weeks of therapy initiation to evaluate efficacy and safety of the agent selected.[30]