Radiological Case: Primary Intracranial Extraskeletal Chondrosarcoma

Alok A. Bhatt, MD; Norbert Campeau, MD; David F. Black, MD


Appl Radiol. 2017;46(2) 

Case Summary

A 40-year-old female who had a transient ischemic attack-like "spell" one Saturday sought medical attention the following Monday from her personal physician, who ordered a head MRI and a carotid ultrasound. Presumably, no CT scan of the head was obtained because she was asymptomatic at that point, and such an exam would have yielded little useful information. The MRI scan revealed a mass; upon consultation with the neurology team, it was believed that the mass was probably a meningioma, and that the patient's spell was likely a seizure caused by the mass. The options given to the patient were surgery or observation, and she decided to proceed with surgery.

During surgery, the mass was found to be of unusual consistency for a meningioma. Gross total resection of the mass was performed, with the origin confirmed to be at the tentorial notch. Follow-up imaging has since demonstrated no evidence of recurrence or residual tumor as of this report.