Microscopic Versus Endoscopic Approaches for Craniopharyngiomas

Choosing the Optimal Surgical Corridor for Maximizing Extent of Resection and Complication Avoidance Using a Personalized, Tailored Approach

James K. Liu, MD; Ilesha A. Sevak, BA; Peter W. Carmel, MD; Jean Anderson Eloy, MD


Neurosurg Focus. 2016;41(6):e5 

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There are a variety of microsurgical and endoscopic approaches that can be applied to craniopharyngiomas. The major surgical approaches to craniopharyngiomas can be summarized into 5 major categories: anterolateral transcranial, midline transcranial, extended endoscopic endonasal, intraventricular, and lateral transcranial. While each approach has its advantages and limitations, a personalized approach tailored to the individual patient based on multiple factors is crucial in determining the optimal treatment strategy. Knowledge and expertise in both traditional microsurgical and endoscopic endonasal techniques are necessary for the surgical armamentarium for craniopharyngioma management.