Procalcitonin in the Early Course Post Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Robert Zant, MD; Christian Stocker, MD, FMH (CH), FCICM; Luregn Jan Schlapbach, MD, FCICM; Sara Mayfield, BHScNurs; Tom Karl, MD, FRACS; Andreas Schibler, MD, FMH (CH), FCICM


Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2016;17(7):624-629. 

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Procalcitonin levels are elevated after pediatric cardiac surgery reaching a maximum on POD1. Levels of procalcitonin at admission to PICU correlated to duration of CPB, aortic cross-clamp time, and initial serum lactate and were significantly higher in children suffering a MAE. Furthermore, markers of postoperative morbidity (LOS in PICU, length of inotropic, and respiratory support) correlated with procalcitonin levels at admission. Patients with clinical suspicion of infection-associated deterioration in the later postoperative course already had significantly higher procalcitonin levels at admission to PICU.