Eviprostat Has an Identical Effect Compared to Pollen Extract (Cernilton) in Patients With Chronic Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

A Randomized, Prospective Study

Hiromichi Iwamura; Takuya Koie; Osamu Soma; Teppei Matsumoto; Atsushi Imai; Shingo Hatakeyama; Takahiro Yoneyama; Yasuhiro Hashimoto; Chikara Ohyama


BMC Urol. 2015;15(120) 

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Both the pollen extract and Eviprostat significantly reduced the symptoms of category III CP/CPPS without any adverse events. Eviprostat may have an identical effect on category III CP/CPPS compared the pollen extract.