10 Things Geriatricians Want You to Know

Maybelle Cowan-Lincoln


The Hospitalist. 2015;19(10):1, 22-23. 

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How many octogenarians do you treat in a year? Nonagenarians? Centenarians? How much have their numbers increased over the last two decades? In the wake of the fabled "silver tsunami," more than 40% of adult inpatients are aged 65 years or older. By 2030, more than 70 million Americans will have joined the ranks of senior citizens.

Members of this group often have multiple chronic conditions that may require hospitalization as many as 10 times per year.[1] Others appear in the ED after falls or suffering from cardiovascular conditions or infection.[2] The Hospitalist surveyed seasoned geriatricians for their advice on treating this highly specialized and rapidly growing population, and compiled a list of 10 things these specialists believe hospitalists should know.