Norbert Konrad; Justus Welke; Annette Opitz-Welke


Curr Opin Psychiatry. 2015;28(6):440-444. 

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Sexual Sadism and Sexual Masochism

Robertson and Knight[23] conducted an empirical analysis of criminal behaviours showing that sadism and psychopathy consistently predicted sexual and nonsexual violence. An analysis of the correlation of sadism and Psychopathy Checklist scores revealed that sadism and psychopathy are covariate, but are not coextensive.[23] Sexual sadism and antisocial personality disorder are common among sexual homicide offenders. Comparing single victim and serial victim homicide offenders, Chan et al.[24] noted that serial offenders are more likely to show narcissistic, schizoid and/or obsessive–compulsive personality traits. Furthermore, serial victim offenders were more likely to engage in sexual masochism, partialism, homosexual paedophilia, exhibitionism and/or voyeurism. As the authors point out, it remains unclear whether the reported masochistic behaviour was connected to behavioural strategies used to select a victim and to commit a homicide.[24]