Andrew J.M. Boulton, MD, DSc


September 09, 2015

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Hi. I'm pleased to be offering a welcome to our 51st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD). I'm Andrew Boulton, president of EASD. We have a star-packed program that I am sure will be enjoyable to all of you.

We have our usual prize lectures, the first being the Claude Bernard Lecture, our senior prize. We also have a new prize lecture this year, and that is the EASD-Novo Nordisk Foundation Diabetes Prize for Excellence. A team of experts from the EASD selected Stephen O'Rahilly, professor of medicine at the University of Cambridge in England, as the first recipient of this prize. Knowing Steve well, I know that you are in for a treat and an excellent lecture. One of his previous colleagues, Professor Andrew Hattersley, is the winner of this year's Albert Renold Prize. The Camillo Golgi Prize for excellence in complications research has gone to Hans-Peter Hammes of the University of Heidelberg, and he's going to be talking about diabetes and the eye. And, of course, we have the Minkowski Prize and a more recent addition to our program, the Rising Star Symposium, where young up-and-coming researchers are selected to present a short summary of their research.

As always, we have some major outcomes trials. We have the EMPA-REG study on Thursday afternoon in Stockholm. We've had a sneak preview suggesting that this is going to show cardiovascular protection from empagliflozin. I'm sure that this will be a popular symposium with outstanding speakers such as Silvio Inzucchi, Bernard Zinman, and our independent commentator, Hertzel Gerstein from Canada.

We also have several other outcomes studies: an update on the TECOS, ELIXA, and DUAL trials, together with all of our oral presentations and poster presentations. Please remember that at our meeting, we rank posters and oral presentations equally, and every poster is presented at a session on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at lunchtime.

We have a packed program that I'm sure you will enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Swedish capital of Stockholm.


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