PARP Inhibitors: The Journey From Research Hypothesis to Clinical Approval

Kishan AT Naipal; Dik C van Gent


Personalized Medicine. 2015;12(2):139-154. 

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Future Perspective

Approval of PARP inhibitors for germline BRCA mutation associated tumors is expected within the next few years. This milestone will boost further clinical development of PARP inhibitors. Discovery of biomarkers, development of functional assays and implementation of various 'omics' approaches, such as whole genome sequencing or RNA sequencing, are expected to facilitate and guide effective drug selection for personalized treatment. The development of these approaches should be integrated to enable interpretation of profiling data and facilitate validation of these approaches in preclinical studies. Furthermore, mechanistic research on other synthetic lethal drug approaches should also be maintained for other subgroups of tumors with other genetic defects.