Ocular Motor Abnormalities in Neurodegenerative Disorders

CA Antoniades; C Kennard


Eye. 2015;29(2):200-207. 

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Ocular Motor Manifestations

Research Findings

In a comparison of saccades in patients with AD, DLB and PD dementia (PDD), and controls, those with DLB and PPD were impaired in both reflexive saccade execution (gap and overlap latencies) and complex saccade performance (target prediction, error decisions, and antisaccades errors).[19] Patients with AD were only impaired in complex saccade performance, but not reflexive saccade execution. Impaired saccade execution in reflexive tasks allowed discrimination between DLB vs AD. It was concluded that impairments in reflexive saccades may be helpful for differential diagnosis and are minimal when either cortical (AD) or nigrostriatal neurodegeneration (PD) exists solely; however, they become prominent with combined cortical and subcortical neurodegeneration in PDD and DLB. The similarities in saccade performance in PDD and DLB underline the overlap between these conditions and underscore differences between AD and PD.[12]