Consumer Familiarity, Perspectives and Expected Value of Personalized Medicine With a Focus on Applications in Oncology

Susan Garfield; Michael P Douglas; Karen V MacDonald; Deborah A Marshall; Kathryn A Phillips


Personalized Medicine. 2015;12(1):13-22. 

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Future Perspective

There are several NIH funded studies underway that intend to better understand the consumer's and patient's knowledge, perspectives and risk–benefit trade-off preferences of Personalized Medicine. This research addresses both currently available PM tests as well as emerging tests focusing on next generation sequencing technologies. Furthermore, our study population was selected to provide generalizable results for the US consumer and which may not be applicable to a population of patients in a clinic/hospital setting. As follow-on research, surveying patients would add a complementary perspective to these results to examine how patient perspectives compare to the perspectives of the general consumer population. Additionally, multivariate statistical analysis would be informative regarding the key factors that contribute to knowledge about PM after controlling for the characteristics of the study population.