10 Years of Personalizing Medicine: How the Incorporation of Genomic Information Is Changing Practice and Policy

Amalia M Issa


Personalized Medicine. 2015;12(1):1-3. 

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Enter the Era of Sequencing

In addition to these impressive advances, we have been making steady progress over the last few years in sequencing technologies, such as whole genome sequencing (WGS) and exome sequencing.[1] Indeed, exome sequencing is increasingly being used in clinical practice settings with some success.[6] The cost of sequencing genomic material is decreasing (from a starting cost of about $300 million to roughly $3000 today), and is predicted to continue to drop, making it likely that we will begin to see more rapid developments in the use of sequencing technologies, and particularly WGS, on a more routine basis in clinical settings.

In addition to these scientific and clinical advances over the past decade, the field of personalized medicine has also led to both policy-relevant opportunities and challenges.