Bacteriophages Displaying Anticancer Peptides in Combined Antibacterial and Anticancer Treatment

Krystyna Dąbrowska; Zuzanna Kaźmierczak; Joanna Majewska; Paulina Miernikiewicz; Agnieszka Piotrowicz; Joanna Wietrzyk; Dorota Lecion; Katarzyna Hodyra; Anna Nasulewicz-Goldeman; Barbara Owczarek; Andrzej Górski


Future Microbiol. 2014;9(7):861-869. 

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Future Perspective

Bacteriophages have already offered innovative solutions in anticancer therapies, in vaccine design and other medical problems, so they will be proposed for increasing number of medical applications. Since no decrease in cancer disease frequency can be expected in realistic prognoses for upcoming years, all novel strategies will be urgently needed. According to recent prognostics, multidrug resistance will also be increasing challenge for the medicine and bacteriophages are recently proposed as a serious alternative to ineffective antibacterials. Most life-endangering multidrug-resistant infections are acquired in hospitals and other healthcare units, which often affect cancer patients. Therefore, medicine will take advantage of combination of anticancer (engineered) and antibacterial (natural) phage activity in therapies.