Bacteriophages Displaying Anticancer Peptides in Combined Antibacterial and Anticancer Treatment

Krystyna Dąbrowska; Zuzanna Kaźmierczak; Joanna Majewska; Paulina Miernikiewicz; Agnieszka Piotrowicz; Joanna Wietrzyk; Dorota Lecion; Katarzyna Hodyra; Anna Nasulewicz-Goldeman; Barbara Owczarek; Andrzej Górski


Future Microbiol. 2014;9(7):861-869. 

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Engineered bacteriophages provide a solution for combined antibacterial and anticancer treatment due to combination of their natural and engineered activity. Both aspects should be considered in potential applications of phages as phage display platforms or drug carriers. Combining anticancer (engineered) and antibacterial (natural) phage activity in therapies offers a potential solution for the medicine. This study also suggests safety of antibacterial use of natural bacteriophages in coexisting cancer problems.