Do Physicians Think Genomic Medicine Will Be Useful for Patient Care?

Sridharan Raghavan; Jason L Vassy


Personalized Medicine. 2014;11(4):425-433. 

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In the decade since the publication of the human genome, dramatic scientific and technologic progress has made personalized genomic medicine increasingly accessible. Genomic testing in clinical practice, however, remains limited. Physicians remain optimistic that genomic medicine will be increasingly used in the clinical context, in particular for guiding screening practices and for optimizing medication choice. Variability in knowledge and comfort with genomic technologies, as well as a relatively limited clinical trial supported evidence base or expert guidelines, are often cited reasons for the modest uptake of genomic testing in clinical practice. We suggest that an important aspect of future research into genomic medicine will be to focus concretely on how physicians use genomic data in the clinical context.